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Expect the Unexpected!

Expect The Unexpected!

The other night at around 2:30 a.m. I heard some noise outside, but did not do anything at first thinking that it was probably some animal. Then I heard a louder noise and I was right it was an animal but not at all like anything I suspected. It turned out to be an 8”8” alligator that was estimated to weigh 250 lbs. in my lanai.

It reminded me a lot how all of us in life need to be prepared. When I was a practicing attorney helping individuals get their Social Security Disability Benefits I would routinely tell my clients after they won their cases to keep track of their medical records and treatments for when Social Security reviews their disability claim. Very few of my clients took my advice. When Social Security contacted them to review their cases on what is referred to as a continuing disability review or CDR I would get a call and the way the Social Security Law is structured it is basically impossible to find an attorney to represent you. My former clients were left to fend for themselves.

After I retired I wrote the three volume set How To Keep Your Social Security Disability Benefits to help everyone who is on Social Security Disability be prepared to show Social Security why they are still disabled and unable to work.

The day you are awarded your benefits is the day everyone needs to start to prepare to keep their benefits.

Just as I did not expect to see an alligator in my lanai nobody ever expects to see a letter from Social Security reviewing their disability claim. Be prepared and have a plan. The link to our story is below.

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