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Social Security Continuing Disability Reviews CDRs

You will probably have a problem finding an attorney to represent you if Social Security reviews your case to see if you are still disabled.

During your original case when you were approved for disability, your representative was entitled to receive 25% of your back-benefits (up to $6,000). CDRs, on the other hand, do not provide a way for an attorney or representative to get paid. Legal fees are usually paid out of past due benefits. With CDRs, there almost never is a past due benefit. Attorneys or representatives are reluctant to assist a Claimant without the security of knowing he/she will get compensated for their efforts. Your promise to pay generally will not be enough to hire an attorney or representative.

Remember, too, that all attorney or representative fees must be approved by the SSA. It is a crime for anyone to charge a fee in a Social Security Disability case without prior approval of the Administration. If you are told by an attorney or representative that there is an upfront fee, run far away. They can arrange to have monies held in an escrow account, but the fee still must be approved by the SSA and funds not released until then.

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