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What if ... you lost your disability money?

Thanks for making this book the #1 download on Amazon in Social Security. The book is free through June 22, 2018. A must read for anybody on Social Security Disability or if you know anybody that is on or may ever be on Social Security Disability. Be proactive and download this today, even if you don’t think that you will need this – because you probably will need this book or meet someone who could use it.

Free Ebook #1 Amazon - Seller Social Security & Disability

In Honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Family Cafe an organization that helps the disabled we are offering free downloads of a must have book for everyone who is on Social Security Disability. You do not need a Kindle it downloads to any device. The offer will end June 22, 2018. #20thAFC You will not be able to hire an attorney when Social Security reviews your claim. Do not wait - today is the day you need to start to prepare for your review.

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